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David Papkin Brute Burgers HOOFDDORP Review

This David Papkin post is a review of the awesome Brute Burgers Restaurant in Hoofddorp , Holland.


Incredibility friendly staff, awesome food and drinks.

From their website:


Looking for the tastiest citizens in a trendy environment? Then Brute Burgers in Hoofddorp is the hamburg tent where you have to be. In a unique concept, we present top quality burger menus, the finest fries, special beers and you can enjoy the finest signature snacks, snacks and cocktails on weekends. Once you’ve tasted you never want another.

With us, you can eat your burger in a unique contemporary atmosphere.


Prepare the best menus, we will not do that alone. That’s why we work with several local producers who deliver fresh quality ingredients every day. For example, our cheese comes from the nearby Van Wees cheese farm and our fries directly from farmer X.

David Papkin BruteBurgersonly menu

Check out First Round first item. SO funny!

David Papkin Brute Burgers complete menu.


I had the Brute Burger with awesome local cheese. Strongly suggest you stick with their medium rare recommendation.

David Papkin Double Patty BruteBurger

OMG!!!!! SO huge!!!

David Papkin closeup of Double Brute Burger


 I was sad to leave, was my last night in Holland. Great to eat with my family there. Bro & Sis   suggested it. Well done !!!!
David Papkin Brute Burger
THIS CONCLUDES David Papkin POST on Brute Burger Restaurant in Holland.



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