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Meadesmoore Singapore Steakhouse

Avoid Meadesmoore Restaurant Singapore formerly known as  Fat Belly Social Steakhouse!! Stingy portions. Overcharged. Poor service.

Went there for a birthday dinner . I had made sure several times that they would celebrate my friends dinner. I even double checked when I came. They brought a piece of stale cake and the waiter asked sarcastically if we want him to sing. We were AMAZED when they sang a birthday song for the Locals at a nearby table a short time afterwards!

I had asked to make sure my friend had enough wine since they were quite calculative in their pouring and naively I said I would pay for it no problem , so besides the 2 wine Flights we bought, charged for 1 extra bottle 106 and 2 glasses at retail for 23 each x 2.

I dont get why we were charged the extra 2 glasses when we already paid for a wine flight (3 glasses each) and the bottle. as I am a slow drinker.

Ridiculous to charge us for 2 glasses of wine for 46 also when we were charged an extra full bottle at 106. Bill came to 680. When I went to the counter afterwards to enquire about the bill, was told we were served “plenty of wine” . Gave us 2 more half glasses each as compensation.

I also asked about the birthday song and the waiter’s reply, “it is by a case by case basis”. The quality for the food was nice except for the size.

The burrata cheese had 2 triangle slices of bread with it total . and the birthday cake was stale. Steak slices was good, Also the Mac and Cheese was tasty and grilled grapes was nice.

Meadesmoore Mac and Cheese and steak for 2.

Not a huge portion of steak for two people. Meadesmoore stinginess.

This is a first for me. Many other gourmet restaurants, never treated us like this. I notice all the glowing reviews are from Locals. Please look at the reviews with low rating. Comments about overcharging, stingy portions and lousy service and ruined birthdays. We celebrate every year for 10 years. At least we didn’t overeat. Thanks for a unforgettable birthday evening that will live in infamy.


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